"…more like part of an eco-system in form than a narrative; something melting, a process… like a documentary inside a dream." - Max Le Cain




As sea levels rise and deserts spread, people move higher into the mountains.

Blaming the destruction of the environment on industry, they ban manufacturing.

With the depletion of oxygen, speaking is limited and communication is achieved by body language.

The environment is monitored by children with a heightened awareness of it – a child that can feel changes in air pressure with an approaching methane storm, or a shift in a distant mountain range. Their warnings are crucial to survival.

The rising levels of dust and carbon dioxide turn the sky pink – also increasing photosynthesis, allowing plants to grow much larger.

To the elders, civilization is a memory.

To the children, life as we live it, is just a story.


Dean Cronin, Kashmira Larkin, Keshet Zur, Ademola Oladeji, Vicky Langan, Richard Marsh, Niamh O'Farrell, Lisa Suh, Piyanuch Chanphet, Angelique Cheronnet, Tim Hawkins and the voice of Dominique Monot.

metal dragon © 2015