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350 years from now the Earth's population has been driven higher and higher into the mountain plateaus, as the sea levels rise and the deserts spread. The former cities of the Earth have long been abandoned, consumed by floods and sandstorms. The balance of the environment has become so precarious that industry itself has gradually ceased. The manufacturing of any material object has long been outlawed - even making a pen or a button is illegal.

Over the centuries technology has faded away and all information is now recorded and handed down by word of mouth. So an ancient oral tradition is revived. But the oxygen levels are becoming so depleted that even the spoken word must be limited and as much communication as possible achieved by subtle but detailed body language. So the oral tradition is shifted to one of performance and 'micro-dance'.

The monitoring of the environment is given to children that display a heightened sense of awareness in a particular field ( often of an autistic-savant or prodigy level ) - a child that can feel changes in air pressure with an encroaching thunderstorm, or a shift in a distant mountain range. The warnings they provide are crucial to survival as the environment can tip dramatically with little notice, from fire-ball methane storms to 300 mile an hour sandstorms in a matter of minutes.

These children are selected from an early age and housed in an enclosure on the small river of Pushtar, on the edge of the Himalayan plateau, in the mountains of former Pakistan. Here the children of Pushtar respond with body language and Kucuk, or 'little dance', to every breath of the world around them - providing the community with an eye into the near future. There are no artificial objects. There are no artificial structures. There is a sense of time suspended as there is no evidence of a past. Their world even looks different as the rising levels of carbon dioxide and dust have turned the sky pink -

To the elders that watch them civilization as we know it is merely a distant memory. To the children of Pushtar life as we live it is just a story …

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